Saturday, September 27, 2014


Hello there! 

This is my journey to happiness and health. My name is Alli and I just love to dance/do gymnastics/bake/cook/create/explore/travel/help others and animals/smile with lots of beautiful people!
I hope to one day inspire you all to look forward to a mental and physical state of health along with confidence and happiness. It is not easy, and I have learned a ton of lessons the hard way. Now, I am hoping to share my creations with everyone. Here are 10 facts about me to help us get to know each other:
*I am half japanese
*I am a vegetarian for health issues
*I am a teen who loves yoga and fruit (of course!)
*I am so very corny with my jokes and they are all really bad
*I am the hugest procrastinator on the planet (so don't be surprised when I post something weeks apart from one another DX)
*My favorite undomesticated animals are zebras and koala bears
*I love clothes like a lot a lot a lot 
*watermelon, peaches, honey-dew, and strawberries are my favorite fruits
*I wish to travel all over the world someday, as I love to learn about different cultures
*I love all of my supporters along the rocky road of life. Thanks mum so much for all that you do! <3333
*(adding two more) My favorite place in the world is Disneyland and I am in love with the beach. Call me a mermaid.
 Those are my legs
Newport beach is my faves

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