Sunday, April 5, 2015

Strawberry Fields Forever Whole Wheat Pancakes

As the light streamed through my window this morning, through the slivering cracks of the blinds, I knew that today was going to be filled with much appreciation and lovely food.

It took me a while to fully awake from my sweet dreams of my friends and I skipping through a shower of sprinklers in my backyard. Clad in our best swimsuits, me in my lavender and blue bandeau bikini and my friends in their halter tops, their triangle swimwear, and flip flops, I was having a glorious time.

My gang and I have a special name for the group: the Unholy Trinity plus one. We're a gang of squabbling, awkward, special girls. We are loud, wild, free-spirited, and the bee's knees. 

I'm more than blessed to have them. I fantasize us riding along somewhere in the heart of the US in a bubble-gum pink Chevrolet convertible, yapping about whatever. I imagine always keeping in touch, even if I'm halfway across the world tasting some exotic jasmine tea. 

I'm celebrating Easter without them this year. We always dye Easter eggs, no matter how old we become. One best friend is swimming in the Maldives. Lucky ducky! One day we'll travel 'round the world together.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really love them, my Unholy Trinity friends. And the next time we're all together again, then these pancakes will be first on the list to make!

Late last night, around 22:30 on the hour, I felt this overwhelming surge to create something creamy and dreamy and decadent. After scouring the web and redesigning my blog (FOR THE LAST TIME) and adding a Pin It Button (which you should totally do, pin some of my recipes please!), I created some strawberry fairy cakes in pancake form. 

It's safe to say that I like to use a lot of different filters for my pictures. 

After much deliberation and listening to some good 'ol Enya songs to get my creative mind working, I decided I'd create another one of my own pancake stack.

A dash of cinnamon here, some baking powder there and a hearty scoop of white whole wheat flour, and you're off to the races!

Be prepared for a delicate and creamy, uber fluffy stack which makes eleven 6" pancakes! In these pictures, I only used six and froze the other five for later. (or tomorrow- depends how antsy I get for pancakes!)

*1/3 C of oat flour (either buy it store-bought or save money and blitz oatmeal up in a blender)
*1/2 C of white whole wheat flour (I used Trader Joe's)
*1/2 C of any non-dairy milk mixed with a T of lemon juice for a vegan buttermilk
*diced strawberries mixed with honey or agave
*2 tsp. baking powder and cinnamon each
*vanilla extract, about 1 tsp. 
*1 mashed banana 
*1 flax egg for a vegan substitute, or just use one egg
*2 T plain Greek yogurt (or use coconut yogurt for a non-dairy sub)

1. make your flax egg and buttermilk and store them in the fridge for about 5-10 minutes to thicken up
2. mash the banana (it better be spotty dotty and super ripe with black spots all over it fora  natural sweetener)
3. stire the banana with the flours, baking powder, yogurt and milk
4. whisk in the flax egg and the other ingredients 
5. flip your pancakes and top with tons of fruit, nuts, and nut butters with some pure maple syrup! ENJOY!

Love, Alli 

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