Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Life is like a cloud.
It's heavy, more cumbersome. It's also rainy but sunlight always shines through the murky, gloomy globs of mist and air. Actually, life is more like the weather- the right weather, that is. Life is like the weather in Utah, always right on the seasons and quick to shift out of order unexpectedly. Because how could it be like the weather somewhere always alluring and too honey-colored and charismatic, like in the South or in Hawaii?

As humans, we like to keep things on edge. The windy, boisterous days sum up hard faces and silent treatments, while the rainy days suffocate too much bliss and elation. In a weird way, those days level out in the early midst of Springtime and sometimes Autumn. In the real weather of Autumn/Fall, there are the crispy chills of burnt char and there is not much of the dewey scent lurking in the air anymore. Lemons are abundant in this season; There's only sour faces and too many sweet, superficial know-it-alls.

I'm not comparing how my mood is in these seasons, I'm just comparing the seasons to life. In the Summer, the cold lemonade stand resemble rebellion, and adventure is fresh in our minds. How about stepping out on the deck in a funky new halter top, or try rocking that pink mascara? But then there's the snow. The snow, there's only so much that I can brag about here in Utah. It's not slushy- rather a warm heat-blanket that covers the world around me. The books about Christmas aren't lying, the snow really is a huge blanket. Our lives revolve around the winter time. Not exactly the season, but life resembles it in a beautiful and wispy way. You're never too mental and never too alluring.

The point is that our lives must be sticky-sweet and too ripe but sour. If our lives revolved around the weather in, say Hawaii, there would be too many artificial sweeteners. I'm not bashing warm weather, but balance is good. In life balance is the key.

Balance is the key to a lifestyle. In food, in exercise and daily life, balance is everything. A little too much weight on one side, and the key to balance can be destroyed- forgotten and lost is what they say. It's so easy to leave out the essentials and to forget about balance. There is no such thing as normality, but there is such a thing to being sweet and sour. When life gives you lemons, make strawberry smoothies. Don't make lemonade. Just make lemon-water, it's more hydrating anyway.

*1 C of frozen strawberries
*3/4 C of coconut milk
*1 tsp. of raw cacao powder and vanilla extract each
*1 super ooey-gooey persimmon
*1 package of frozen, pureed acai
*OPTIONAL, but what gives the best color and flavor: 1/2 of a frozen pitaya (you can use 1/2 of a PitayaPlus pack
*1/2 C of filtered water

Blend it all up in your Blendtec blender and practically inhale enjoy and have a wonderful, healthy Thanksgiving!

Xxx, Alli <3

Saturday, November 8, 2014

VBK's Best Healthified Pancake Saturday Stack [wild blueberry and cinnamon mylkshake pancakes]

So many Pancake Sundays have gone by without notice. Such a shame. At least tomorrow shall be celebrated and praised with pancakes. I'm not sure why-maybe it's because making pancakes and taking pictures of them and noshing decorations for them making them pretty cute takes a long time. I am a girl with not a lot of patience. I like to get to the end of the story, where the girl lives happily ever after in the spotlight. I like my banana ice-cream right out of the blender, as opposed to letting it freeze for 2 hours just for the consistency. And I like pancakes that take less than 30 minutes. I'm pretty sure I've just done that. 

So fluffy, so light, and cinnamony with warmth and a heavenly scent that fills the house. I guess I should really take the time to make some delightful pancakes like these more often, because it's obviously all worth it! 

Cinnamony cinnamony eat it up, yum! These taste even better with wild blueberries inside them. They burst with a jammy flavor in your mouth- but don't let the wild blueberries spill everywhere! That happened to me and it was so not fun sweeping them up while they're juices spilled purple all over the place! 

*1/8 C of coconut flour and pumpkin puree each

*1/2 C of oat flour (you can either buy this or grind rolled oats up in a blender/food processor.) + 1 Tbs. of rolled oats
*2 Tbs. of greek yogurt, plain or vanilla works well
*1 tsp. each of baking powder, vanilla bean extract, cinnamon, and either natural maple syrup or maple extract
*1/2 tsp. each of nutmeg, optional maca powder, and coconut sugar
*1/4 C of coconut milk
*2 egg whites or for a vegan substitute, use 1 flaxseed egg

Method to happiness:
1. Mix everything together and flip on a pre-heated pancake pan and top with lots of goodies.
2. ENJOY!! 
Let's go wild blueberry picking please

Xxxx, Alli

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Spinach & Avocado Frozen Yogurt + Very Berry Kitchen's Favorite Banana "Ice-Cream!" (the oh-so vanilla post)

The days are going by too quick; It is almost Thanksgiving and we just barely got over Halloween! I have been getting lots of sore throats and cold chills recently, and I really hope that I don't start coughing all crazy because I literally look like quasi-modo whenever I cough! (Special Fact: drinking pineapple juice is 5x more helpful than cough medicine.***) Pumpkins and distinct kinds of cooky-shaped squashes are everywhere. I mean, literally everywhere because my sisters even have pumpkins in their rooms.

Next weekend, I plan to have a "healthified" booth at a Japanese boutique where you can sell anything you want! My uncle Mike is going to sell his bottle openers, and my bootiful cousin Madi is going to sell her precious bows  which are oh-so lovely! (I can't say that the bottle-openers are oh-so lovely! Teehee) 
Anyway, I'm still deciding on what to make for the boutique, because I want everything to look and taste sinful, but the treats and desserts will all be totally healthified and pro-nutrient dense! Maybe I'll make my legendary sweet-breads, or maybe even a fully-raw vegan cake. But for now, we shall eat and fantasize over a big bowl of spinachy-avo-froyo! Lettuce (pun pun!) have our froyo and always eat it.

*1 C of plain greek yogurt mixed with 1 tsp. of vanilla extract
*a huge handful of baby spinach
*2 Tbs. of soy milk (or any other plant-based milk your heart desires)
*1 rip of a vanilla bean
*1/2 of a super ripe banana
*1 frozen kiwi- diced so your food processor/blender can run smoothly
*1/4 of a mushy and super creamy avocado

*2 frozen, spotty dotty bananas + 1/2 of a banana- not frozen
*1 rip of a vanilla bean
*1 medjool date- pitted and pureed (if it's not pureed, then you might get teensy chunks of the date, even you have the highest-speed blender/food processor out there)
*2 ice cubes
*1/2 tsp. maple extract (or 1 Tbs. pure, natural maple extract)
*a tiny scoop of PB + a tiny drop of almond milk

Very Berry Kitchen's method:
1. In a very high-speed blender, blend the all of the ingredients together for the green frozen yogurt part. Pour this into half of a container and freeze.
3. In a food processor/blender, blend all of the banana ice cream ingredients together, save the PB and maple. After everything is blended all the way through, add the PB and maple and pulse. Pour this into the other half of the frozen container and freeze for at least 45 minutes for a creamier consistency. 
3. Top with any other yummies and ENJOY!!

this is the same recipe, but with some blackberries added to the nana nice-cream part <3
Xxx, Alli

Sunday, November 2, 2014

One More Month Of Loveliness & Honey-Baked Strawberry and Poppy-Seed Almond Mini Bread Loaves

There are countless times I have jumped into big piles of burnt leaves.

A season I have always dreaded has actually grown on me. Pumpkin has burst into a flavor I have appreciated greatly and balsamic vinegar has become a staple with all things sour-dough. Maybe the charred leaves are good for props on instagram. And maybe, just maybe, I really do enjoy cinnamon flavored everything. 
Jumping for joy 

I love pictures! Pictures are memories that never end. You can replay the memories over and over again in pictures. Here's the thing: we all grow up but in pictures, everyone stays the same. Nobody is reminded of the animosity of a person someone has become. Or of the dead. Everybody is reminded of the sweet and crisp memories that they shared with the people in the pictures. That is just how life goes on and on and on. 
Anyway, the leaves in the American Fork canyon were beyond beautiful. They were not charred to a flaming red and pumpkin orange yet. They were bursting with dynamic yellows and the Aspen trees were thick with syrupy golden yellows and crimson red leaves. If I were a leaf, I would want to live in the season of Autumn forever

Well, I'm a person. I can at least eat Autumn spices and foods forever. So to be very honest with you all, I have been noshing eating lots of warm, creamy, honeyed sweet-breads everyday this Fall. 

I have a standard recipe for all of my mini loaves that pop in and out of my little toaster-oven, so you can surely tweak any of the recipes to make them you very own! This recipe that I'm featuring is going to be an almond poppy-seed and strawberry bread. I use only wholesome ingredients in these loaves, along with only whole wheat flour. You can mix up the whole wheat flour if you really want to: spelt flour is nice, oat flour, almond flour, or even regular all-purpose flour would suffice in this recipe. 
Nothing tastes more like the season of pumpkin spiced-lattes than these babies do!!

*3 Tbs. of whole wheat flour 
*1 1/2 tsp. each of bourbon vanilla extract, freshly squeezed (or bottled) lemon juice, maple syrup, and poppy-seeds
*2 Tbs. of low-fat greek yogurt (I used Trader Joes' brand, but you can of course use any other vegan sub. like soy yogurt or coconut-cultured yogurt. I just haven't found a brand I really like.)
*1/2 C of soy milk
*1/3 or 1/2 of a small mashed, and spotty dotty banana (just as ripe as you would use for traditional banana bread)
*1 tsp. of baking powder
*3 small and very berry delicious strawberries- roughly sliced
*some honey for drizzling over

My method:
1. In a measuring cup, mix the vanilla, lemon juice, maple syrup and milk together. This makes a vegan buttermilk with the lemon juice and milk. Let sit for 10-15 minutes or until it starts to curdle. 
2. Mix all of the ingredients together. Let this sit for approx. 10-15 minutes longer. 
3. Pour the bread batter into tiny bread loaves and drizzle with lots of honey/agave nectar. In a pre-heated toaster oven @425 degrees, bake for 16-18 minutes and ENJOY!!

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