Sunday, April 26, 2015

Papaya Boat Parfaits

Papaya boats. 
If only I could set sail in a papaya boat and travel 'round the world, then I'd be free from the rust of life! Only thing is, I'd probably eat the papaya boat before I'd even reached a small island. Can't trust me around these.

Also, look at those perfectly rounded and plum, sweet and juicy, lip-smackin' cherries! A bit on the pricey side since it's not officially cherry season yet, but they're great treats for now. I love to squeeze them so they stain the banana ice cream. 

This papaya boat reminds me of a beautiful Easter day bathing in a hot sun-soup. I'll be rowing away. The recipe is like a little parfait: half banana ice cream and half greek yogurt. I'm plant based with the exception of greek yogurt and honey. (honey is a very controversial topic in veganism because of the bees, but I'd just prefer to eat it anyway as long as it's not filled with tons of sugars and GMOs)

You'll simply feel refreshed, darling! As long as you stick it in the freezer after assembling for twenty minutes, then any hot rushes will fade away. It's a heavenly treat!!

*handful of fresh, pitted dark red cherries
*1 holy-guacamole that's huge(!) papaya- very ripe and juicy
*1 T of almond butter
*1 tsp. of cacao nibs
*3 frozen, spotty-dotty ripe bananas, chopped
*maca powder (optional, but highly recommended bc of extra nutrients and a fine caramel taste)

1. blitz the frozen banana, almond butter, and optional maca powder
2. slice open a papaya in 2 and fill with banana ice cream
3. top with said toppings
4. enjoy lovelies!

- love Alli


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Strawberry Fields Forever Whole Wheat Pancakes

As the light streamed through my window this morning, through the slivering cracks of the blinds, I knew that today was going to be filled with much appreciation and lovely food.

It took me a while to fully awake from my sweet dreams of my friends and I skipping through a shower of sprinklers in my backyard. Clad in our best swimsuits, me in my lavender and blue bandeau bikini and my friends in their halter tops, their triangle swimwear, and flip flops, I was having a glorious time.

My gang and I have a special name for the group: the Unholy Trinity plus one. We're a gang of squabbling, awkward, special girls. We are loud, wild, free-spirited, and the bee's knees. 

I'm more than blessed to have them. I fantasize us riding along somewhere in the heart of the US in a bubble-gum pink Chevrolet convertible, yapping about whatever. I imagine always keeping in touch, even if I'm halfway across the world tasting some exotic jasmine tea. 

I'm celebrating Easter without them this year. We always dye Easter eggs, no matter how old we become. One best friend is swimming in the Maldives. Lucky ducky! One day we'll travel 'round the world together.
Anyway, I just wanted to say that I really love them, my Unholy Trinity friends. And the next time we're all together again, then these pancakes will be first on the list to make!

Late last night, around 22:30 on the hour, I felt this overwhelming surge to create something creamy and dreamy and decadent. After scouring the web and redesigning my blog (FOR THE LAST TIME) and adding a Pin It Button (which you should totally do, pin some of my recipes please!), I created some strawberry fairy cakes in pancake form. 

It's safe to say that I like to use a lot of different filters for my pictures. 

After much deliberation and listening to some good 'ol Enya songs to get my creative mind working, I decided I'd create another one of my own pancake stack.

A dash of cinnamon here, some baking powder there and a hearty scoop of white whole wheat flour, and you're off to the races!

Be prepared for a delicate and creamy, uber fluffy stack which makes eleven 6" pancakes! In these pictures, I only used six and froze the other five for later. (or tomorrow- depends how antsy I get for pancakes!)

*1/3 C of oat flour (either buy it store-bought or save money and blitz oatmeal up in a blender)
*1/2 C of white whole wheat flour (I used Trader Joe's)
*1/2 C of any non-dairy milk mixed with a T of lemon juice for a vegan buttermilk
*diced strawberries mixed with honey or agave
*2 tsp. baking powder and cinnamon each
*vanilla extract, about 1 tsp. 
*1 mashed banana 
*1 flax egg for a vegan substitute, or just use one egg
*2 T plain Greek yogurt (or use coconut yogurt for a non-dairy sub)

1. make your flax egg and buttermilk and store them in the fridge for about 5-10 minutes to thicken up
2. mash the banana (it better be spotty dotty and super ripe with black spots all over it fora  natural sweetener)
3. stire the banana with the flours, baking powder, yogurt and milk
4. whisk in the flax egg and the other ingredients 
5. flip your pancakes and top with tons of fruit, nuts, and nut butters with some pure maple syrup! ENJOY!

Love, Alli 

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Friday, April 3, 2015

Where Alli Has Been + a Soothing Summer Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

  I'm back, friends!
I've really missed blogging, but have honestly been either too busy or lazy or just not in the mood to type away into oblivion. Whoops. Sorry folks (not that anyway has been following lately)

 I've been away for what seems like so long- three months. I'm gonna try to pin my photos on Pinterest to share more of my recipes. I've got 3,000 viewers as of now which is so lovely and incredible.

I took a trip to Walt DisneyWorld in Florida for spring break a few weeks ago and most of the trip was spectacular. The world really is a carousel of color.
Me and my sisters went on almost all of the roller coasters. Even if I did have to drag half their butts on to the rides, it was worth the the pictures that were taken mid-coaster. I'll never forget how much Audrie's face looked like a llama in one of them. 

Of course, being the sweetie-pie girls, we all had to have our fair share of the Dole whips served in Adventureland, Magic Kingdom. Wouldn't it just be so incredible to own a little food shop with the address to Magic Kingdom? I think I'd melt. 
 (you can check out my magical pictures on my instagram)

I bet y'all don't really care about any more pictures, and I certainly would be scrolling down to the end of the page just for the recipe if it were me. Psshh… Creative writing? Please, just show me the sweet stuff.
Bursting with flavor.
Stained with cherry juice.
Crunchy with cacao nibs and coconut chips.
Plush with every nectarine bite; so juicy you need to eat it over the sink when super ripe!

I love breakfasts. I adore the groggy warm summer mornings when I roll out of bed to open my blinds and curtains at 7 am to find that the sun is just peeking behind the vivid blue mountains. I dream of cracking my window open, with the pungent smell of oranges simmering through the air.

 And the air is not stiff and chilled with frost from the mountains which are like bundt cakes smothered in cream cheese frosting, just waiting to be demolished. No; the air in the summer is warm and scented. I live off of scents and sounds. I can smell the mist of the sprinklers going off at exactly 9:00 on the hour and how the sweet dew reminds me of my grandmother's garden: cherishing, refreshing, crisp. 

The smell of wild bee pollen and the rumbling and bumbling of those busy-bodied insects. I love the sound of them; in those moments when I am outside alone, their bumbling reassures me that I'm not the only one with sass. I can hum any rhythm I'd like to with those bees because I know they'll always keep me at ease. 

Anyway, back to the groggy summer mornings, my favorite things to do are the simplest things I can do. I just adore stumbling downstairs to my kitchen with my bear slippers smacking around the tile, me shuffling about rummaging through the pantry for this certain granola or this certain kind of almond milk. I just love it. And I relish in relaxing outside on my patio in my backyard listening to Enya whilst figuring out a way to slurp down a 32 oz. smoothie from a bowl. 

Spring has just barely dug its roots in. I won't let it go now, even if there was some frost on the tip of the mountains yesterday (Ehh… What can I expect from Utah? It even powdered one day in July!).

My smoothie bowl regenerated me from the zombie state I was in the winter time. I swear to you, I'm moving somewhere super tropical and lush when I retire. Of course I'll already be living somewhere warm and misty, like California. But for my Golden Years, I've got a huge bucket list me and my future varicose veins and perm-like hair will have to bust through. I imagine myself also driving a bubble-gum pink Chevrolet convertible. Here's the thing: my Golden Years will be brilliant, I won't let my marbles go all at once. But, that's like, sixty years away from now so I should start saving up for that Chevrolet in fifty. I'll save up for a modernized car for now. 

I felt revived and energized, even if this bowl was a quarter of the smoothie bowl that the recipe provides. Trust. Take the extra fifteen minutes in those future groggy summer mornings. You'll feel better than ever and plus, you can figure out so many different ways to try and slurp down the smoothie from a bowl. I suggest adding less liquid for a thicker consistency. 

1 frozen banana
a squeeze of both lemon and orange juice
3/4 C coconut milk
spoonful of almond butter
vanilla beans
3 baby oranges
scoop of love for the summer (*you can use some hemp or whey protein powder if you desire to do so)

1. Blitz all of these lovely ingredients into a blender, such as a Blendtec. It's so much easier using a high speed blender for the consistency and so all of the fruits are blitzed up really fine. Add the liquids first, the fresh fruit second, and the frozen stuff in last. This helps your blender blitz everything up better.
2. Pour into a bowl and obviously top with a mountain of toppings. Top it with: almond butter, cherries and cherry juice squeezed to stain the sliced nectarines, fresh organic strawberries, desiccated coconut and cacao nibs, and some almond butter drizzle. 
3. Eat this baby up and savor it, don't just guzzle it down because it's so pretty that of course you'll want to eat it up all in one bite, but that's going to hurt your tummy and the pretty display. Be vain when it comes to food picture taking. Be very vain. 
But don't be vain enough where you poach these beautifully majestic White Rhinos. They are being poached for their horns because apparently they're cool souvenirs? What's even crazier is that the horns on top of their heads are made from the same stuff that makes up our hair and nails. That's pretty crazy- insane, actually. Don't do it. Save these babies.

                                               Love, Alli <33333

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