Saturday, November 8, 2014

VBK's Best Healthified Pancake Saturday Stack [wild blueberry and cinnamon mylkshake pancakes]

So many Pancake Sundays have gone by without notice. Such a shame. At least tomorrow shall be celebrated and praised with pancakes. I'm not sure why-maybe it's because making pancakes and taking pictures of them and noshing decorations for them making them pretty cute takes a long time. I am a girl with not a lot of patience. I like to get to the end of the story, where the girl lives happily ever after in the spotlight. I like my banana ice-cream right out of the blender, as opposed to letting it freeze for 2 hours just for the consistency. And I like pancakes that take less than 30 minutes. I'm pretty sure I've just done that. 

So fluffy, so light, and cinnamony with warmth and a heavenly scent that fills the house. I guess I should really take the time to make some delightful pancakes like these more often, because it's obviously all worth it! 

Cinnamony cinnamony eat it up, yum! These taste even better with wild blueberries inside them. They burst with a jammy flavor in your mouth- but don't let the wild blueberries spill everywhere! That happened to me and it was so not fun sweeping them up while they're juices spilled purple all over the place! 

*1/8 C of coconut flour and pumpkin puree each

*1/2 C of oat flour (you can either buy this or grind rolled oats up in a blender/food processor.) + 1 Tbs. of rolled oats
*2 Tbs. of greek yogurt, plain or vanilla works well
*1 tsp. each of baking powder, vanilla bean extract, cinnamon, and either natural maple syrup or maple extract
*1/2 tsp. each of nutmeg, optional maca powder, and coconut sugar
*1/4 C of coconut milk
*2 egg whites or for a vegan substitute, use 1 flaxseed egg

Method to happiness:
1. Mix everything together and flip on a pre-heated pancake pan and top with lots of goodies.
2. ENJOY!! 
Let's go wild blueberry picking please

Xxxx, Alli

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