Friday, October 17, 2014

Dreams, time-machines to breakfast, and some (vegan) tri-colored ice-cream that will make you melt!

Sleep. Sleep is the greatest gift and it is the time-machine to breakfast. (When you sleep, it pretty much hurries up the time to eat breakfast!) Of course, sleep is either for the weak or for the strong in my case. Late nights are for floating around the internet and listening to Enya hundreds of times when you can't sleep and the "up all night" games pop into mind. Early mornings, school/work mornings, are the times when we appreciate sleep the most. (Haha what person really wants to be awake before the sun is even up?)

Sleep is fleeting and you cannot disagree. Five minutes of sleep seems like 1 minute on the weekdays. 5 minutes of sleep on the weekends (or in school, you naughties!) seem like ten minutes! Anyway, my point is that we either let ourselves dream or we don't. 

When you are super busy and super stressed, and you don't sleep for very long, then dreams become images we skip through. Dreams become elevator music; The kind where it is really quiet and it's in the depths of your ears, but you don't really listen to the music. Elevator music is alright, but of course you've got other things floating around in the back of your head before you step off. When you're relaxed and tucked in bed at a reasonable time, then dreams spring to life and hum in your ears while you snooze. 

Dreams are very authoritative; They teach you very important lessons, sometimes- in the rarest times- bring you your fate, and even refresh your mind so you snatch the upgrades you want in life. In some dreams, I am barely breathing; My nose is dry and my throat squeezes. I try to breathe through my mouth and nose, but nothing goes in and nothing goes out. I panic; I search everywhere to escape this dry room I'm trapped in and anxiety overwhelms me. In these dreams, there are always other people there with me. There is always a janitor closet, a little girl, and many old people in this un-breathable room. In these dreams, I usually wake up with the goal to breathe and relax myself for the rest of the day. 

I truly believe that the most creative people on the planet are the people who sleep with dreams wafting through their hair and ears. I truly believe that if you could learn how to live in your dreams, then life would become a remarkable reward and everything would somehow fall into place. You could live forever. I also truly believe that the most compelling people actually come from dreams themselves.

(I also truly believe that ice-cream for breakfast is the best dream you could ever dream of- and it's completely healthy and nutritious!)


For the Banana Vanilla-Bean flavor:
*1 1/2 of a frozen, spotty- dotty banana
*either 1 rip of a vanilla bean or 1 tsp. of pure, vanilla bean extract (I used TJ for the extract in one recipe, and a Whole Foods' brand for the vanilla bean in this recipe. Both work just fine.)
*2-3 Tbs. of young coconut milk
*2 ice-cubes

For the Matcha Green-Tea and Mint flavor:
1 frozen, spotty-dotty banana 
*1 tsp. of coconut sugar and pure vanilla extract each
*2 ice-cubes + 2 Tbs. of unsweetened almond milk (I used TJ brand this time)
*1 tsp. matcha green-tea powder (you can either order this from a Japanese online store, or you can get it at your local Japanese/asian market)
*1/6 tsp. of pure peppermint extract
*a handful of fresh, organic baby spinach

For the Raspberry Bon-Bon flavor:
*1/3 C of frozen raspberries
*1 frozen, spotty-dotty banana
*1 tsp. each of vanilla extract and maple extract (or if you'd like, you can just put in 1/8 tsp. of pure liquid stevia**)
*3 pureed medjool dates
*2-3 Tbs. of young coconut milk

1. Blend all of your ingredients together by pulsing in your trusty Blendtec blender/Vitamix/food processor.
2. Top with lots of toppings! You can top with: raspberries and strawberries (like in the picture above), carob sauce, granola/grawnola, agave nectar, cacao nibs, desiccated coconut, more frozen fruits, and even some mint leaves to garnish. 
3. ENJOY!!

Have a lovely day everybody, and happy planting! <33
                                               *This was me dreaming when I was a baby**

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