Sunday, April 26, 2015

Papaya Boat Parfaits

Papaya boats. 
If only I could set sail in a papaya boat and travel 'round the world, then I'd be free from the rust of life! Only thing is, I'd probably eat the papaya boat before I'd even reached a small island. Can't trust me around these.

Also, look at those perfectly rounded and plum, sweet and juicy, lip-smackin' cherries! A bit on the pricey side since it's not officially cherry season yet, but they're great treats for now. I love to squeeze them so they stain the banana ice cream. 

This papaya boat reminds me of a beautiful Easter day bathing in a hot sun-soup. I'll be rowing away. The recipe is like a little parfait: half banana ice cream and half greek yogurt. I'm plant based with the exception of greek yogurt and honey. (honey is a very controversial topic in veganism because of the bees, but I'd just prefer to eat it anyway as long as it's not filled with tons of sugars and GMOs)

You'll simply feel refreshed, darling! As long as you stick it in the freezer after assembling for twenty minutes, then any hot rushes will fade away. It's a heavenly treat!!

*handful of fresh, pitted dark red cherries
*1 holy-guacamole that's huge(!) papaya- very ripe and juicy
*1 T of almond butter
*1 tsp. of cacao nibs
*3 frozen, spotty-dotty ripe bananas, chopped
*maca powder (optional, but highly recommended bc of extra nutrients and a fine caramel taste)

1. blitz the frozen banana, almond butter, and optional maca powder
2. slice open a papaya in 2 and fill with banana ice cream
3. top with said toppings
4. enjoy lovelies!

- love Alli


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