Friday, October 3, 2014

Some (delightfully delicious) Amazing Oatmeal - Black Forest Cake

Good afternoon everyone!
Here is a sneak-peek of me ;D

   If you have been following me on instagram, then you should probably already know that I am no doubt, oatmeal obsessed. I am so in love with the fact that you don't have to just have some plain old card-board tasting oats just to fill you up in the mornings (or nights- whatever floats your banana boat). There are so many flavor variations that you can recreate to taste like desserts for your morning breakfast. 
Whenever I eat a warming bowl of magic for breakfast-which is every morning- I always think about how much I've grown this past year. I have been more than creative and open to new ideas. One of my favorite quotes that has helped me pave my way through this dark and deep world is by one of my favorite inspirational people. Ghandi said that we should all "Live as if you would die tomorrow, and learn as if you could live forever". is so wonderful because we should all live with yolo in our hearts and with the spirit to learn. I learn new things everyday. My grandpa even learns new things every day. So here is your lesson on how to cook some of my favorite oatmeal ever. 
Don't worry that clear goo is just agave nectar
What you will need:
*2/3 cup old-fashioned oats that are NOT quick-cook
*1/2 pitted cherries + more for decoration if you would wish to dress it up a little bit
*1/3 of a ripe and mushy gushy spotty-dotty banana that is smashed
*1/2 tbs. carob/cacao powder
*1 tsp. each vanilla bean paste and coconut sugar
*1 cup plant based milk (I use almond milk)
*1-2 pitted and pureed medjool dates (optional but preferred)

How to create this magic:
1. Boil the milk and vanilla, then stir in the oats and mashed banana. Make sure your banana is thoroughly mashed- you will not enjoy bits of banana floating around in this bowl of oatmeal!
2. Once your oats have gotten thicker, stir in the carob powder, coconut sugar, and medjool dates. (If you don't have carob powder, then no big deal. You can of course sub it for cacao powder instead! I personally like the sweet and warm taste of carob instead of the dark and bitter taste of cacao.)
3. Once your oatmeal has gotten thicker and the coconut sugar has dissolved, lightly fold in the cherries. 
4. Now you're done! Pour the oats into a colorful bowl and top with any topping you'd like. You can top with: more pitted cherries, carob chips, cacao nibs, date sugar, more almond milk (I always do for more moistness), crushed almonds and cashews, strawberries, dark chocolate bits, even some coconut flakes, and honey/agave nectar. 

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